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Tours y Tickets Operador Turístico 5 ATTRACTIVE WITH MANDINGA IN VERACRUZ


This day you can meet the principal attractives of the city, the first one is Acuario de Veracruz, where you can enjoy about 9 representatives areas of the wildlife in Veracruz: Tuxtlas jungle, fresh water area, salt water area, reef tank, shark tank, manatee tank, jellyfish tank, Dolphin tank and the museum. After you finish the tour, we will visit  San Juan de Ulua, a coral building that allows to discover the history of the state and its value, you will hear the legends behind its walls, like  Chucho “El Roto” and the “Mulata de Córdoba”. All of this with the company of a tourist guide. As well as you will have the chance to taste the traditional gastronomy in all the port,Mandinga, is an important stop in Veracruz, it is a charming village surrounded by mangroves,you will observe them while making a boat trip which passes through Isla de las Conchitas, Isla de las Garzas and the Callejón del beso, after that, we will make a stop in a tipical restaurant of Mandinga, where you can eat and taste its  famous food based on seafood. (FOOD ARE NOT INCLUDED). To finish,we will take you to meet the most emblematic places around Centro Histórico de Veracruz, on board a tradicional tranvía, with any doubt this could be one of the greatest experiences you will have in the  port.

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Get to know the beautiful Port of Veracruz and its history in a totally new and fascinating way in this magnificent tour in which you will enjoy 8 excellent attractions. Plaza Acuario de Veracruz is the starting point to the fortress of San Juan de Ulúa tour, to be transported in a picturesque streetcar, you will be delighted by its historical monument and tour the interior of the enclosure in a guided tour. Upon returning to Plaza Acuario you can enter the Aquarium of Veracruz that exhibits a wide variety marine species, spectacular and amazing, nowadays, it is consider one of the most important in Latin America.  You can also visit inside the square: the Ripley Museum and the Wax Museum, where you will find amazing exhibits that you can not believe !, you can also photograph yourself with your favorite characters. In addition, you can enjoy the Rotating Tunel, an incredible optical illusion that defies your sense of balance and give a fun ride in a maze of mirrors. Have fun trying to find the exit, while you see reflected your figure again and again. It also has included the entrance to the Simulator 4D (Fantastic Journey) we asure you won't regret it! At nightfall you can board another tram to make the tour around the historical center of Veracruz in a scenic walk. Along the way you can enjoy music, dance and history. Everything in a single package in which you will enjoy your whole day in an unforgettable way!

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Tours y Tickets Operador Turístico Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas Tour from Veracruz or Boca del Rio

Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas Tour from Veracruz or Boca del Rio

La región de Los Tuxtlas the mix of its hispanic relics and magic ecosystem will charm you. El salto de Eyipantla is a waterfall 40 meters long and 50 meters high, its water fall will hook you.  San Andrés Tuxtla is famous for being centro tabacalero with an international prestige making cigars, where you will be able to learn the process while you make a tour inside their famous fabrics. Because its oirgins in the cultura Olmeca, Santiago Tuxtla shows us one of the most colosal heads founded in the region. In Catemaco we will make a boat trip between the lagoon islands, including one of the most famous: "La Isla de los monos". Catemaco is a better place for those who belive in magic,esoterism, voodoo and alternative medicine; a right place to do this kind of methods.

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Tours y Tickets Operador Turístico Tajin and Papantla tour from Veracruz or Boca del Rio

Tajin and Papantla tour from Veracruz or Boca del Rio

Meet the most important ceremonial center of the cultura Totonaca : la zona arqueológica "El Tajín" .This place gather identity, past, Knowledge and beauty. Precolonial buildings in the middle of the jungle: palace, temple and soccer fields. The amazing pirámide de los Nichos  is consider a civil calendar, agricultural and sun, because of its 7 levels and 365 niches. Papantla,  is consider as a “Pueblo Mágico”  and it is located some kilometers away; Totonacapan a place of origin of vainilla and los Voladores de Papantla, the men of this place make rituals to invoke the fertility and the ground activities. The precolonial and spanish melting pot of cultures led the mixing, folklore and taste; an heritage that still alive in their entire enviroment.

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