JAROCHITA´S STYLE WHOLE DEPARTMENT - Tours y Tickets Operador Turístico en Veracruz, México.
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The apartment is independent, first floor of a building, is at street level, the bus stop to the Center is two steps from the entrance, 4 streets of the Aquarium Square, 15 minutes walking downtown and 4 by car. 4 streets from the beach and 4 streets of the Carnival (Feb-Mar). 1 street of the mini super. 4 streets of the Regional Hospital. In front of a laundry, bakery, very quiet neighborhood. Welcome!.
Small kitchen with crockery for 4 people, grill for a single pan, microwave, small refrigerator with freezer, coffee maker (Coffee is not included), dining room for 4 people, queen size bed, bathroom, separate entrance for you, with your own key.

We have all the transportation services (Price not included with deparment) to different parts of the state of Veracruz with English speaking guide, and we can help you to buy your bus tickets, the only thing you need is to stay with us.


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