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Day 01 – Welcomed to Veracruz, Acuario de Veracruz, Tranvía at the Centro Histórico and Check In.
This day you can meet the main attractions of the city, Acuario de Veracruz, where you will enjoy 9 representatives areas about the wildlife of the State: Los Tuxtlas jungle, fresh water area, salt water area, reef tank, shark tank, manatee tank, jellyfish tank, dolphin tank and the museum, furthermore, we will take you to meet the most emblematic places around Centro Histórico de Veracruz, board on a tradicional tranvía, with any doubt this could be one of the greatest experiences you will have in the port.
Today include:
  • Ticket to Acuario de Veracruz*
  • Tour in a Tranvía por el Centro Histórico*
*To change your tickets you ought to communicate directly at Tours & Tickets, inside  plaza Acuario , Local 45-C.
Day 02 -  Catemaco y Los Tuxtlas tour – 12:30- hour Tour aproximately.
08:00 am. We pick you up at your hotel to travel to Santiago Tuxtla, where we will meet one of biggest cabezas olmecas in the state, after that, we will travel to San Andrés Tuxtla to visit the  fabrica  de puros “Santa Clara” where we will make a tour to learn the process step by step of the elaboration of the 100% handmade cigars.Then, we will travel to Eyipantla, the place we can find “El Salto de Eyipantla”, a espectacular cascada with more than 50 metters high and 40 metters long, in this Reserva de la Biosfera de los Tuxtlas, you could be in touch with the nature meanwhile you descent a 244-step ladder which takes you at the waterfall  and where you will be fascinated with its magnitude between its Mulatos trees and its faune, in this region you can have lunch time (NO FOOD INCLUDED), Finally, we will visit Catemaco, a village next to a magnificent enchanted lagoon, the place of Witches, Shamans, ans and healers. In this place, you will enjoy a paseo en lancha on the lagoon, visiting la Isla de los monos araña y macaco y otros islotes. (NO FOOD INCLUDED).
Today include:
  • Pick-Up at your Hotel (8:00am)
  • Visit to the biggest Cabeza Olmeca in the Region.
  • Tour in a Cigars factory in Santiago Tuxtla.
  • Salto de Eyipantla waterfall.
  • Boat trip in Catemaco.
  • Return to Veracruz.
DIA 03 -  San Juan de Ulúa tour, Mandinga and check out.
This day you will visit one of the icons of Veracruz, Fortaleza de San Juan de Ulúa, a coral building with more than 500 years ancient, the fortress became in a museum that allows to discover the history of the state and the value about it, you will hear the  leyendas behind its walls like Chucho “El Roto” and the “Mulata de Córdoba”. All of this with the company of a tourist guide.
As well as you will have the chance to taste delicious and  traditional gastronomy in all the port, Mandinga, is an important step in Veracruz, this enchanted village surrounded by manglar, where you can observe it while you make the tour on a boat and it takes you to la isla de las conchitas, la Isla de las garzas and el callejón del beso, finishing the tour, we will make a step in a traditional restaurant of  Mandinga, where you can eat and taste its famous mariscos  based on seafood.(NO FOOD  INCLUDED).
Today include:
  • San Juan Úlua tour* San Juan de Ulúa is close every monday*
  • Boat trip in Mandinga.
  • Time out in a Mandinga’s restaurant.
*This tour includes round transport going out to plaza Acuario, tickets and tourist guide.


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This price includes:

• 2 nights of lodging in the hotel category you had chosen.

• Ticket to Acuario de Veracruz. (specified meeting point)

• Centro Histórico ticket. (specified meeting point)

• Pick-up at your Hotel the day of catemaco and Tuxtlas’s tour. (8:00am)

• The biggest cabeza Olmeca in the region.

• Tour in a Cigars factory in Santiago Tuxtla.

• Magnificent waterfall of Eyipantla.

• Boat trip in a lagoon of catemaco.

• Return to Veracruz.

• San Juan Úlua’s tour.*San Juan de Úlua is close every monday*

• Boat trip in Mandinga.

• Timeout in a Mandinga’s restaurant.

• Professional touristic guides in your visits.

• Tickets in the museums and refered places.

• Duty.


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