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Adventure Veracruz

 Day 01 – 5 atractivos en Veracruz – 9-hour tour approximately.

*Depending on the arrival , the first tour also can be performed the second ot third day,for example, San Juan de Úlua or Acuario de Veracruz.

10:00 am. This day you can meet the main attractions of the city, the first one is  Acuario de Veracruz, where you can enjoy about 9 representatives areas of the wildlife in Veracruz: Tuxtlas jungle, fresh water area, salt water area, reef tank, shark tank, manatee tank, jellyfish tank, Dolphin tank and the museum. After you finish the tour, we will visit the Fortress of San Juan de Ulúa, an old coral building that allows to discover the history of the state and the value about it, you will hear the legends behind its walls, like Chucho “El Roto” and the “Mulata de Córdoba”. All of this with the company of a tour guide. As well as you will have the chance to taste the traditional gastronomy in all the port, Mandinga, is an important stop in Veracruz, it is a charming village surrounded by mangroves, you will enjoy while you make the tour on a boat which takes you to  Isla de las Conchitas,  Isla de las Garzas and the  callejón del beso, after that, we will make a stop in a  tipical restaurant of Mandinga, where you can eat and taste its famous food based on seafood. (FOOD ARE NOT INCLUDED).

To finish, we will take you to meet the most emblematic places around Centro Histórico of Veracruz, board on a  tradicional tranvía, with any doubt this could be one of the greatest experiences you will have in the port.


Today include*:

  • Ticket to Acuario de Veracruz.
  • San Juan Úlua’s tour.**
  • Transfer to Mandinga
  • Boat trip in Mandinga.
  • Timeout in a Mandinga’s restaurant.
  • Tramway tour at centro histórico.

*This tour includes round trip going out Plaza Acuario, tickets and tour guide

**San Juan de Úlua’s tour is available from Tuesday to Sunday.

**To change your tickets you ought to communicate directly at Tours & Tickets officine, inside plaza Acuario , Local 45-C,Pick Up at your hotel is not included .


 Day 02 – Explore in Veracruz – 4-hour tour aprox. (choose between Diving or Rafting)

08:30 am. This day you will know why Veracruz is Not only danzon and coffee, but its beauty reaches the bottom of the sea, in this tour, you will enjoy the marine life in the  sistema arrecifal Veracruzano, You can make a  inmersión Of 40 minutes to a depth between 9 and 13 meters, you will find fishes of different species and colors besides a wall of coral that will leave you in awe.


Today include:

  • 40 minutes of immersion.
  • Professional guide.Equipment for immersión.
  • Box lunch
  • Snorkel
  • Transfer in a boat at the immersion point.

*11 years mínimum to can diving.


 Day 02 – Rafting en Jalcomulco– 10-hour tour aprox. (choose between diving or rafting)

07:00 am. If you are looking for strong emotions, meet our  Tour Los Rápidos de Jalcomulco. in the rafting down the river you can free all your adrenaline, with any doubt this is the best choice if you are risk-taking, furthermore, after the activity, you can relax in the pool of the camp.


Today include:

  • Pick up at the hotel.
  • Camp entrance.
  • River rafting (2.30 hours)
  • Professional guide.
  • Equipment for the rafting.
  • Buffet.

DIA 03 – Free day and check out.

You will have a free day but  if your are looking for an activity to enjoy your last day in Veracruz we recommend you the guided visit around the City Hall, in addition to danzón classes and concerts in the Zócalo or if you are looking for something else in another part of Veracruz, we recommend you to check our tours on (EXTRA ACTIVITIES ARE NOT INCLUDED).

PDF Facts

Download a PDF fact sheet with all the information about the selected tour Download pdf

 This Price includes:

  • 2 nights of loging in the hotel of your choice.
  • Acuario de Veracruz ticket (specified meeting point)
  • Centro Histórico ticket (specified meeting point)
  • San Juan Úlua tour .* San Juan de Úlua is close every monday.*
  • Boat trip in Mandinga.
  • Timeout in a Mandinga’s restaurant.
  • Booking for diving (includes necessary equipment for diving, certified guide and boat ride) or booking for rafting en Jalcomulco (includes rafting along the river, security equipment, raft)
  • icome, cerfitied guide and food).
  • Professional tour guides around the area in all your visits.
  • Tickets for all the mentioned places.
  • IVA


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