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San Juan de Ulua Tour

San Juan de Ulúa was a key part in the history of our country, serving as a port, Fortress and prision, this building counts with more than 500 years of history. Today, you can visit it and also learn about its legends in our  Tour a San Juan de Ulúa with  guía de turistas. Exploit your visit in our beautiful  Puerto de Veracruz and learn about the history in the southeast of Mexico, in a tour to San Juan de Ulúa. This old fortress, built in the Hernán Cortés age, it is located in an islot in front of  costas del Golfo de México. The experience starts in a colorful tramway, it will guide you to San Juan de Ulúa. On arrival, a  guía de turístas certificado will be waiting for you and who will be in charge to tell you the incredible facts in this fortress in an expected time of 1 hour. From the first step you make in the fortress you will feel like if you travelling through time, look up the amazing building which hides more than 500 years of history. At first the place was a sacred temple where the indigenous did venerations to their gods, before the spanish conquest. Years after, Spanish conquerors built the fortress and a pier, where they dock galleons that came from Europe, becoming in a entrance door to Mexico. Afterwards it became in  la prisión más temida de México, where the legends of  Chucho “El Roto” and  “la mulata de Córdoba” arise.Before the tour finishes, look up the port of Veracruz in  San Juan de Ulúa and take incredible photos, taking you home a great memories about this  histórico lugar de méxico.